Administrator's job still open; Friday deadline for applicants

Aug 30, 2017 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The City of Riverton continues its search for a permanent city administrator, and Friday is the last day for interested individuals to apply for the post.

The Riverton City Council plans an executive session after a regular council meeting Sept. 5 to discuss the candidates.

As of Monday, the city had received eight applications in its second attempt to fill the position.

Former city administrator Steven Weaver left the city March 1, and former administrative services director Courtney Bohlender was selected for the interim position, roughly nine months after beginning her retirement. She worked in the interim role longer than expected.

When asked whether any of the applicants were local, or if the salary or benefits were changed to attract more applicants, Bohlender said the city would prefer not to comment as the elected officials don't have "much information at this point."

The council had identified three finalists for the job in the spring, including hosting a community meet-and-greet in April, but none of those candidates got the job.

An offer was ready to be made after that meet-and-greet, but in the end the council voted to retract their offer and start over.

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