Restricting garage sales hard on people who work all week

Aug 17, 2017 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


Concerning being limited to three garage sales a year. I really don't like that idea. For one being, living by myself, it's hard to get the sale set up to start with, and for the fact that I work five days a week, Saturdays are usually the only days I can do a sale.

I've tried them on Sundays, but people just don't come out.

I have had sales 2-3 Saturdays in a row, only because I am trying to get rid of my stuff and not being able to do Friday/Saturday, I am limited to just the one day.

The only places I've seen that had continual sales was the used store down on Monroe. There was always stuff sitting around there.

My stuff is inside of my garage, out of the way for the public eye.

And, not being able to put signs on the street poles hurts also, because, you aren't allowed to "block" the sidewalks with boxes, so where else are we supposed to advertise?

I know there is the kiosk down by the Riverton senior building, but people that are from out of town don't know where it's at.

If we are going to be limited like this, I think a kiosk should be put up in the new little parking lot at Fifth and Main. At least that way, the signs would be off the street lights and off the sidewalks, yet visible to people who may be from out-of-town and like to go garage sale-ing.

Plus, my sale is in the alley, off the main street.

I don't know, seems we are continually being restricted concerning stuff like this and nothing is being done to help us out as far as being able to put up advertising.

I always take my signs down or pick them up. I can't afford to make new ones every year! I've seen some that stay up forever. And I've even had mine taken down by someone and not brought back to me, so therefore I lose the money it cost me to make the sign, yet others are allowed to be left up and I don't hear of anything being done to those people.

Just makes me kind of go "hmmmmm."

I'd be interested to know how other people feel about this. I've suggested the kiosk thing before, and apparently no one is interested in following through with the idea.

Garage sales are hard work, and I like to leave my stuff up on my tables and not have to repack after each one. That's another reason I have a sale 2-3 Saturdays in a row.

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