Case prevails in Senate 25 campaign vs. Maldonado

Nov 6, 2014 By Katie Roenigk and Alejandra Silva, Staff Writers

Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, is headed back to the Wyoming Legislature after winning re-election Tuesday over Democratic challenger Sergio Maldonado.

With absentee ballots counted, unofficial results Wednesday showed Case took the race by more than 1,000 votes. The count was 3,390 (59 percent) to 2,330 (40 percent).

The incumbent said he was surprised at the outcome.

"I was expecting it closer," Case said Tuesday evening. "I thought Sergio did a really good job and ran a great race."

After 20 years in the Wyoming Legislature, including several political campaigns, Case said he still learns something new every time he seeks election. The same was true this fall.

"I learned a lot from Sergio," Case said. "I think he's a fabulous inspiration for young people on the reservation. He's doing a lot of good things, and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Case says he is excited to return to his legislative duties, beginning with meetings as soon as next week.

"I'm looking forward to getting that going," he said. "I'm just back on my feet, but I'm going to be great."

He attended a birthday party Tuesday evening before learning the results of the SD 25 race. Case said he came home early, because he still is recovering from surgery he had on Halloween.

The surgery was scheduled to determine treatment options after Case was diagnosed with melanoma in August.

Case said the procedure went well, but he won't know the results until later in the week.

He expressed appreciation for the voters who cast ballots on both sides of the race.

"There are messages on both sides of this," Case said. "I never take anything for granted, I promise."

Big picture

Maldonado said he was disappointed that voters weren't ready to end what he said was a divided Wyoming.

"They see the big picture, but not all of them were ready to step up and change the big picture," Maldonado said. "(There are) a whole lot more (voters) who could have changed it."

Still, he said he was thankful for the support he gained and the vote of confidence the people put in him by seeing him as a potential leader.

"I am appreciative of everybody," he said.

He was saddened by the results, he added. He hopes Case doesn't "just make an appearance" on committees that address tribal concerns and instead makes the effort to know the communities SD 25 covers.

"I hope he steps up to the plate," Maldonado said.

He said he was content in knowing people who voted for him were concerned and ready for improvements.

"I still have work to do," he said. "Life goes on."

Precinct totals

Maldonado successfully carried all precincts covering towns on the Wind River Indian Reservation. In Arapahoe he won 211 to 118, Ethete was 386 to 97 and Fort Washakie was 257 to 96.

Tribal support wasn't enough to win the day, however. Case pulled ahead of Maldonado in all six Lander precincts (343 to 174, 144 to 76, 274 to 161, 215 to 125, 351 to 184 and 260 to 159).

The incumbent earned 729 votes to Maldonado's 313 in Milford, and he got 228 ballots compared to Maldonado's 93 in the Beebe precinct. Case also saw three digits in Hudson, with 152 votes to Maldonado's 42, and Luthy, with 154 votes to Maldonado's 76.

Case won all of the remaining precincts as well, with tallies of 79 to 29 in Morton, 72 to 22 in Crowheart, 37 to 8 in Reclamation, 27 to 9 in Atlantic City and 14 to 5 in the single Riverton precinct included in SD 25.

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