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The stopwatch doesn't care who dad is

The uniforms are in the trunk, the balls are on the rack, teams are off to camp, and the more dedicated athletes are preparing for individual instruction.
It ...

Rules for a reason

Irresponsible behavior at Yellowstone Park took a life a few days ago

If we are honest with ourselves, most of us probably would admit to having ...

The FAA and my quadcopter

I'm not a menace, but the feds must think I might be

For too long, Riverton residents have been plagued by unnecessary Federal Aviation ...

The champ

From brash loudmouth to silent statesman, Muhammad Ali was larger than life

If things had gone smoothly for Muhammad Ali, then he would be remembered ...

Airport Day

Saturday's event was worthwhile and fun, so maybe we ought to do it more often

At Saturday's open house at Riverton Regional Airport, conducted to ...

Give communication a try

Fathers day is a great occasion for it

June is the month when fathers might expect more than a few tributes to begin floating in their direction. ...

Calling the nomination

By stating the obvious at the top of ballot, national media might have affected the bottom

On Monday, the Associated Press, of which The Ranger is ...

Tuesday notes

Summer's month
Each season of the year has an inevitability to it. We might get a 50-degree day in December, but it's still December. So, despite the ...

More lottery?

The longer our revenue crunch continues, the more tempting the idea

Wyoming lawmakers looked at creating a state lottery for a decade or more before ...

Our semi-wild Wyoming world

Life-and-death battles are going on all around use, and sometimes I'm drawn in.

To live in rural America often resembles an Audubon Society tour. ...

Misplaced nuclear talk

There are much better things to discuss today than the Chernobyl anniversary

The eight printing units of our Goss Community web offset press rumbled ...

The funny futility of the fork

I sacrificed three of them in a single breakfast

I often have eggs for breakfast, and my favorite thing to make is an omelette. I add nice meats and ...

My son's summer to-do list

Item No. 1: Remember younger brother's name

The school year that just concluded was my oldest son's journey through kindergarten.
I was ...

Donald and Bernie

Both have confounded convention,and they can't afford not to

The absence of a presidential primary election or two this week hasn't left the ...

A day in June

We have 30 of them, starting today

"June light discloses love's golden dreams," sang Ivory Joe Hunter in 1958.
The song was called "Moonlight and ...

Tuesday notes

Back in the saddle
Your daily newspaper staff appreciated the day off on Monday. Our publication schedule was not affected, but we did keep the doors ...

Nine months in the blink of an eye

Covering sports at my age keeps me connected to youthful joy and exuberance.

Another nine months has passed, and another school year comes to an ...

Comrades of spirit

Resist the urge to descend into sorrow this Memorial Day

Editor's note: Longtime readers may recall Associated Press columnist Hal ...

Flowers and mottoes

High school graduates and the words they choose to represent themselves

In addition to the names and faces, our annual graduation edition lets ...

Hackers don't need your help

Try this different approach to computer passwords
Several large websites I visit often have been attacked by scammers recently, and many people have ...


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