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Hudson hosts the fourth annual Hudson Daze Festival and Craft Fair this Saturday, June 11.
Community members and visitors gather in the Gold Star Memorial ...

Without 1 percent tax, 'we would be in bad shape'

I agree with Mr. Peck's editorial recently about the 1 percent sales tax. If we did not have this money under our own control, we would be in bad ...

Few candidates seek council seats because job is done by hired staff

It is obvious to me why more people do not file to run for city council. The job of running the city has been give over to hired staff. The ...

Recycling turning out to be a 'waste of time and money'

So after all this time encouraging people to recycle glass, and all the time they spent paying someone to handle "recycled" glass, the county now says ...

Work in canyon made the route safe, and it was enjoyable to watch

I happened to be traveling through Wind River Canyon during the work that was undertaken to stabilize the rock wall in places where rainfall eroded ...

Reading to assisted living residents a highly satisfying volunteer task, so join in

I am writing to recommend a wonderful volunteer opportunity that takes less than an hour one day a month.
For more than 10 years Gloria Brodle and ...

'Kindness and consideration' after car broke down much appreciated

I was stalled in my car in the middle of the Wind River Canyon on Saturday, May 28, in the middle of the afternoon. I would like to thank the police ...

'Yahoos' from Canada are not the first to stray from park trails

The visitors from Canada who took pictures and videos of themselves on the edge of the big hot spring in Yellowstone were stupid to make themselves ...

Sex assaults at UW may be up due to better reporting

The University of Wyoming reports sexual assaults have increased on campus. That is not good news. But it also is possible that there aren't actually ...

Eliminating faculty harmful to CWC during money shortfall

I ask Central Wyoming College to reconsider the way it is reacting to funding cutbacks from the state.
Why eliminate some of the best professors ...

Comic strip centennial edition 'was outstanding'

I just want you to know that the "100 Years of Funnies" special edition was outstanding.
It was educational because the history of comic strips was ...

State plan to remove hot spring water in Thermop pools is wrong

The proposal by the Hot Springs State Park to limit or deny the two private swimming pools use of the thermal waters which flow through the park, ...

New overtime pay regulation is harmful and short-sighted

The Department of Labor released its final overtime regulation on May 18, which could force businesses to shift employees from salaried to hourly ...

'Keep people first' during difficult budget decisions

Every year there is stress about budget cuts in towns, the county government and around the state. This year they are worse than ever because of the ...

Vote now on top state artifacts and enrich Wyoming's heritage

The Wyoming State Historical Society, in partnership with the University of Wyoming Libraries, invites everyone to participate in selecting "Wyoming's ...

Some areas of state 'completely unrepresented' at state sci fair

As the current Wyoming State Science Fair Coordinator and past participant (1996-2000), I assure you that the Wyoming State Science Fair is an ...

'The ignorance is just beginning' with Trump

Mr. Liesinger wrote in about Donald Trump's ignorance about the Heart Mountain Japanese internment camp. People, what do you expect when Donald Trump ...

How about keeping some elements of recycling available?

The officials are talking about putting an end to recycling at the local level. I would suggest keeping the places to recycle open to he public so ...

Politics 'worse than sports' in producing sour grapes when the results don't match hopes

I am responding to the letter from Mr. Vranish of Evanston about what he called unfairness in the Wyoming Republican Party's convention, when Ted Cruz ...

Expulsion from school 'changed me, and I mean for the better'

This is regarding the editorial about "stipulated agreements" in Riverton's school district. They are being used as an option instead of expelling a ...


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