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Tuesday notes

A cold one
We're halfway through January now, and our old, cold winter is continuing. We've only seen a day or two above freezing since Christmas, and ...

Doug Thompson

A tower of local government has stepped down, strong legacy in place
The first Fremont County Commission meeting since the turn of the century without ...

Priorities emerge when electricity fails

In other words, I found a way to watch the Steelers game.

Our bedroom window sits about 35 feet above Gasser Road.It has a great view of most of ...

Senate clout

Both Wyoming's U.S. Senators are chairmen of committees this year

Wyoming's U.S. Senate delegation will have some real influence as the new ...

In praise of a beefy houseplant

My begonia withstands both cats and a sometimes careless owner.

A classmate of mine once suggested that the best solution if one fails to find ...

Funding the liaisons

The governor is recommending it, but not on an ongoing basis

Governor Mead had some local-interest items in his jam-packed State of the State ...

Fearful of what 'they' might do

Did the electric power fail because I didn't vote?

My decision not to vote still haunts me.
Back in November, I avoided the general election, with ...

Business people in cabinet

It didn't start with Trump, but he has taken it to a new level

The wheels of presidential transition are turning, with the newest tracks in the road ...

Tuesday notes

Cloudy and warmer
We have a sunny climate in Fremont County, and it's one of the nice things about livingwhere we do. Hot, cold, calm or windy, we get ...

Tough duty

The 40-day legislative session starts Tuesdayunder heavy financial stress

The Wyoming Legislature convenesTuesdayfor its 40-day general session, ...

Adventures from cold winters past

For someone of my generation, the 1978-79 season quickly comes to mind.

Winters, like the stories told by aging athletes, just get better with time, ...

That cussed snow

One of the key elements of snow removal is patience

When it comes to municipal snow removal, there are a lot of experts out there.
Everyone, it ...

Resolutions aren't just statistics

Just 3 percent follow through -- but that's 10 million people

According to Forbes, 40 percent of Americans make some kind of New Year's resolution. ...

A fine service, and we paid for it

I view Help for Health as one of our best local assets

I've always wondered why, as a young child, I chose to suck my index finger doubled down ...

Slim offerings for first baby

A good community tradition is withering

An archived edition of The Ranger from December 1971, which we reviewed for a recent "The Way It Was" feature ...

Wyoming's top news of 2016

It's now been some years since the Wyoming Associated Press polled its member newspaper on Wyoming's top 10 news stories of the year. So, again this year, we ...

Tuesday notes

New Year
Greetings from 2017.
This is the first Ranger produced in the new year. We have 257 more to go before the year is out. We publish five days ...

Something new

A New Year's resolution can provide focus, direction and opportunity

The best thing about a New Year's resolution is good intentions.
By pledging to ...

Bowling alleys as Americana

Fremont Couty used to have three places to bowl, but now just one remains.

Riverton used to have two of them, one on the hill and the other on North ...

Terms of office

Government service is about more than holding an elected position

Our newspapers have published some "legal" advertisements in recent days to ...


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