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The coast-to-coast hamburger

I once transported an In-n-Out Burger from Berkeley, California, to New Haven, Connecticut, in a checked airline suitcase, all because my college roommate ...

What we have

Riverton's oldest school is being taken care of; we'll need it a whilelonger

A couple of recent public-notice advertisement serve as an example of ...

CWC's big win

Voters in another county have approved a tax plan for our college

For years, Central Wyoming College has provided credit classes, including some ...

Running when you feel hunted

Morning exercise colored by thoughts of mountain lions

On the last Monday in April, I longed for a morning run, but I didn't go outside. Instead, I ...

Riding with the Rangers: Uncrating a new gadget

We do a lot of mailing at The Ranger, and this week we got a new postage meter. We'll need it.
Most the mail is our own -- monthly billingstatements, "tear ...

Canyon troubles

When that route is closed by rockfall, the complications are many

Stories are accumulating about the travel difficulties encountered due to the ...

Tuesday notes

Snowpack numbers this time of year can be a bit deceiving. We are past the point of "peak water" in the mountains, meaning it takes less snow to ...

Education cutters will target wrong things

The desire to protect bureaucracy will surpass all else.

It was one of the most honest, accurate and revealing comments I'd ever heard from a ...

Glad for a tax?

For new reasons, the optional 1 percent levy on sales is making us look wise

The over-my-dead-body posture many Wyoming leaders take against any new ...

Making the weather great again

Is there a greater disappointment than the arrival of cold, wintry weather weeks after the warmth of spring has set in--or so you thought--for good?
The leaves ...

One hundred days

Is it important, or isn't it? The new president can't have it both ways

Donald Trump's see-saw assessment of the arbitrary 100-day standard of ...

No veterans left to recall World War I

I'm the daughter of a World War I veteran. I remember childhood days with a father who'd fought in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg in the "Great War," a ...

Wild things

This week's mountain lion incident probably hints at the shape of things to come

Rendezvous Elementary School's fourth-graders are presenting their ...

Boiler, fences and public notices

Public notices in newspapers aren't much to look at. There is no award for "best public notice" in our annual Wyoming Press Association contest.
But looks can ...

Anti-litter converts

Spend some time on highway cleanup,
and you'll never want to litter again

No one who has ever worked a couple of hours cleaning up a roadside will ...

Tuesday notes

Like a song
The British rock band Supertramp had a few hit records some years back, including "Give a Little Bit" and "Bloody Well Right."
Some would ...

Shaking hands with John Wooden

If you live awhile, you'll encounter some famous people

We stood in a long line stretching from the front row, down the center aisle and into the ...

The new CEO

Our hospitals have a new man in charge,
and he has a chance to be a local hero
Sage West Healthcare has a new chief executive officer in Fremont County. Alan ...

Try, try again

It's back to the drawing board on hiring a new city administrator

The re-start on the hiring process for Riverton's next city administrator is an ...

Big plant, brave volunteer So far, they seem to be co-existing peacefully

I have a large begonia sitting on a table in my living room. His name is Mittens.
He is a beefsteak begonia, meaning that his large, rounded leaves are ...


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