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Think long and hard before legalizing marijuana in state, even for medical purposes

Our State of Wyoming is pondering whether or to support the legalization of medical marijuana.There is a petition being circulated for just this ...

Truck situation deserved more than a 'drive-by' from police

Recently I called the Riverton Police Department about a person in my neighborhood revving a semi truck up so loud it woke everyone in my house up. It ...

Sentence of life with parole worth exploring in Wyoming

I am asking your readers to consider the concept of authorizing life with parole.
Such a law would not guarantee release of anyone, but would reduce ...

Stop the Capitol 'boondoggle' if it's not too late

Before it is too late, they should stop this half-billion dollars in remodeling of the Wyoming State Capitol and put that money back into the services ...

More money for UW sports not high priority

I can't see how it can be justified to put millions of dollars more into sports teams and buildings at the University of Wyoming when other programs ...

'Soon the better' getting state lawmakers back to the Capitol

IR00;was in Cheyenne mid-February in order to observe some of the Wyoming Legislature (really to see my granddaughter, who was there with a youth ...

Pro-growth path vital to 'right the wrongs done to the West'

Reviewing the executive's past seven years of manufacturing regulations, designating land unilaterally, empowering Washington, killing energy jobs, ...

Internet and its impacts are 'out of control'

Reading about the "Internet revenge bill" that the Wyoming legislators are debating, I wondered how something like this could ever be considered legal ...

Cutting education money has a long-lasting effect on youth

From following the Wyoming Legislature so far, it looks like public education will be taking some severe cuts in the budget.
This is a mistake, in my ...

State's residents would benefit from passage of Senate File 8

It's a critical time to contact your Wyoming House of Representative member - now that the Wyoming Senate approvedSenate File 8 - a bill to create a ...

Use the state's big rainy day money 'to help Wyoming'

My feeling on the state of Wyoming's big "rainy day" fund is this. Use it to help Wyoming.
When the people of this state are struggling because they ...

Liz Cheney 'will need to convince Wyoming voters' of her dedication

I am just one person, but I feel the same way about Liz Cheney now as I did two years ago when she tried to defeat Sen. Mike Enzi, who is an excellent ...

Coal's Expanding Medicaid will 'return Wyoming taxpayer dollars to state'

The Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association, the trade association representing more than 450 hotels and restaurants across Wyoming voted to ...

1 percent tax jobs are a 'big improvement'

It was interesting to me to read about all the ways the 1-percent sales tax was used for streets and alleys, etc., around town. They got a lot more ...

State spending on UW sports is important for competitiveness

The people of Wyoming might have heard or read about a proposal before the Wyoming Legislature to allocate a total of $8 million to match private ...

Wyoming Caregiver Act vital to support these 'superheroes'

There is no greater demonstration of what family means than being a caregiver. In Wyoming, more than 66,000 people personally exemplify being family ...

Why not move the old siren to the fire hall?

If the Riverton fire department needs a new place for the old fire siren, why not put it on top of the fire hall?
Is that a crazy idea? It's right ...

Failure to expand Medicaid is 'all about politics, not money'

I will be watching to see what important state service is cut from the state budget next month that is the same amount of money that the state could ...

Forever Wild Families 'a great way' to experience our state's adventures

Since early last summer our family has been participants in the Forever Wild Families program sponsored by Wyoming Game and Fish. It has been much ...

Burglar's letter probably helped reduce jail time

Angela Rapone wrote in to congratulate the serial car burglar Jeramie Lewis for having the courage to write a letter to the editor apologizing for his ...


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