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The ex-presidents

We have as many of them now as we've ever seen in U.S. history

On this day before Presidents Day 2017, there are quite a few men still getting Secret ...

Keep Denver Air flying

Revenue gurantee is next crucial step

There are two important steps needed by local governments to keep Denver Air Connection flying its spiffy, ...

Wyoming can learn from Iowa

Undercutting the state university system might appear economical in the short term, but it will be costly in other ways.

This week in Iowa: fear and ...

Falling behind

Somebody needs to grab the reins at the White House - right now

As the new presidential administration continues to thrash around in a briar patch of ...

The stories love can tell

Come July, ours will have lasted 75 years

Trusting that love didn't meet a crashing demise on Valentine's Day last Tuesday, I'm going to try to ...

Shell corporations

Wyoming is doing what it can to respond to the 'Panama Papers'

Last year Wyoming found itself somewhat prominently mentioned in the big "Panama ...

Tuesday notes

Weather 'relief'
After a long and mostly relentless stretch of rough weather that first emerged the week before Thanksgiving and maintained its grip ...

Sing among the stars

For Valentine's Day, some words on love

"You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs," sings Paul McCartney in a hit song ...

In rancorous times, seek a bright side

For me, it can be found in a high school gymnasium in February.

I intended to write about the impending cuts to vital programs within our state, but ...

Whose name is it, anyway?

There's another guy here, and it makes e-mail complicated

Anybody who has worked in education, or government, or really any field that employs a ...

Three branches

The federal government is getting a real workout in the new presidency

We learn in elementary school that there are three branches of government at ...

Guns on campus

College opposition adds complexity to the debate in Cheyenne

Speeding through the Wyoming legislature without noticeable obstruction this year is a ...

Tell me the secret - right away

It's day four of potty training for my twin boys

This week I'm trying to potty-train the twins, and it's going well.
I mean, they stay perfectly ...

Hoping vs. planning

Wyoming ought not put too much faithinTrump to solve our school funding crisis

As they grapple with the huge public education funding problem in ...

Tuesday notes

About time
We never really got the local weather phenomenon this year referred to commonly as "the January thaw." On Monday, we got the February ...

Our mid-winter holiday

It's Super Bowl Sunday (with a poem to go with it)

The Great American Mid-Winter Holiday - undeclared but very real - has returned. It's Super Bowl ...

Expert data vs. local judgment

History is full of examples of the latter being more valuable than the former.

Retired Gen. Colin Powell, a former Secretary of State, once quipped ...

Prosthetic beaks and broken birds

If you're a toucan, your bill is pretty darned important.

As I applied Chapstick to my nose in an elevator last Monday I remembered a video I'd seen ...

Playing politics

Democrats must decide if two wrongs make a right in Gorsuch confirmation

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sounded pretty mad a couple of days ...

Winter warfare

In a season like this one, it'seasy to be fooled by a 30-degree day

A staff member who grew up in a warmer part of America before moving to Wyoming ...


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