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Sunshine Week

The battle for gain access to the public's business is never ending, but it must be waged

We are finishing up something in the news business today ...

Best they can get

Senate leaders ought to think twice before rejecting Merrick Garland out of hand

In the ugly and embarrassingly politicized battle over the ...

Maybe I'm Irish by osmosis

By marriage, I had a very colorful Celtic relative

When a column is published on St. Patrick's Day, and a son's birthday is only four days later, ...

Playing a role

Wyoming has a say in the close GOP race

Two things became much more likely as a result of presidential primary election voting Tuesday night. (This ...

Tuesday notes

Still winter
After some days that felt more like May than March, weather in the Wind River Basin is predicted to cool off again to more seasonal levels ...

All micromanagers doomed to fail

Don't take my word for it -- look at history.

Micromanagers are the stuff of situation comedies. Their clueless antics drive the other characters ...

Paper and plastic

Household recycling might not be worth the trouble in Fremont County

People who recycle are doing the right thing. They are working for the common ...

Gerald E. Geis

The man with the biggest Wyoming Senatedistrictis retiring, to the detriment of Wyoming

In the latest round of boundary drawing affecting ...

Breaking the indoor habit

I spend a lot of my time cooped up indoors.
I work in a cubicle on the top floor of a less-than-bright classroom building, or in its basement teaching ...

World's coolest people? Little kids

I hope I always can at least observe it, close-up

The doves are "crooing" with fervor, the mud is fragrant, and the sun is moving in for a ...

Wyoming's prez primary

We don't have one, and we never have, but there is talk of changing that

Our newspaper office has received numerous calls in the past two weeks from ...

Presidential spouses

The strangest presidential marriage picture in history is taking shape

American flags around Fremont County were flying at half staff on a stormy ...

When Yellowstone shook in '59, I was there

The story I was telling son Jim had to be suspended. We needed to navigate through a bear jam in Yellowstone National Park.
Tourists coming from both ...

Tuesday notes

Money snow
Monday'shalf-day snowstorm in the Wind River Basin was perfect proof of the differences between snow that falls in December and snow that ...

Our grip on integrity is getting slippery

The concept is avoided like the plague in all levels of society.

People often vent their concerns to me about the decline of public education. I've ...

The votes aren't there

But that might change next year for Medicaid expansion in Wyoming

Right up to the final days of the just-concluded 2016 session of the Wyoming ...

Shorter hair comes with a cost

I just didn't realize the extent of the investment

Oh to have straight hair! What a fantastic life that must be. Myself, I can't speak to it: I've ...

Mitt to the rescue?

The 2012 nominee adds to the Republican primary civil war

Mitt Romney sounds a lot like a guy who wants back in.
The 2012 Republican presidential ...

Forward, backward via memory

Google knows a lot, but not the way our brains do

Lately, it seems as if my past is moving closer. I just celebrated another birthday. Can this be ...

A year in space

Scott Kelly's achievement came in spite of international pressures on Earth

A lot has happened between the United States and Russia since American ...


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