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Jim Bridger would be stunned

Modern-day travel is a whole different kind of adventure.

Traveling a little more 12,000 miles has highlighted an incredibly quick summer. A third ...

We all are hosts

Wyoming contributes to the Olympics, both in the arena and in the heart

Fans of the Olympic games are in their every-other-year mourning period ...

Proportion and perspective

What Ryan Lochte and Co. did at the Rio Olympics is embarrassing, but that's about it

In 1972, Palestinian terrorists broke into the Olympic village ...

College coaches

CWC would rather not have two vacancies this time of year, but interest in the jobs is high

The fall semester at Central Wyoming College starts ...

Magic delivered through the door

"Knowing I'm on the street where you live ..."
The once popular song dances through my mind.
Am I imagining a street of dreams, or the one in the song ...


Every primary election is a learning tool, and this one had its lessons

Takeaways fromTuesday'sprimary election:
- Short of running unopposed, Liz ...

Who'll win the primary? Some ballot predictions

This reminder: Candidates and voters are invited to our Ranger newsroom on election night for refreshments as the returns come in.

Who will win the ...

Tuesday notes

It was a hot July in our part of Wyoming, and August started out the same way. Parts of the Wind River Basin even got some rain Monday. ...

Sometimes Olympics can rise above it all

Advertisers, media experts and audience targeting have taken much of the charm away from the Olympics, but at its heart the games remain the greatest athletic ...

Touting tourism

With energy revenue down, state cuts to visitor promotion his extra hard

With the biggest pillars supporting Wyoming's economy - tax revenue from ...

Paying for records

A new statewide proposal needs better justification for limiting public access

Under examination now at the state level is a new law that would ...

When park rides aren't so amusing

The modern ones generally are safer than they seem

Recent news of a child decapitated by a water slide at Schlitterbahn Park in Kansas City, Kan., ...

Our many likes and dislikes They start young, and they can last a lifetime

We all have an irrational dislike.
Something that irritates or scares us, despite all arguments to the contrary.
Mine is escalators.
I don't know if ...

Advice to Trump: Watch your mouth

One explanation for his loose-cannon talk is that maybe he really doesn't want the job

Does Donald Trump really want to be president?
If the answer ...

Sage grouse and the judge

Federal court deliberations would do well to consider Wyoming's 'working group' example

As ofWednesdaymorning, there still was no ruling from a ...

Screwing up my first arrest

As a young seasonal ranger, it was an OK thing to do

As a first year seasonal employee in Grand Teton National Park, I should have spent that summer ...

Tuesday notes

Candidates in print
Get ready for a lot of candidate interviews in The Ranger over the coming week. We've published a considerable number of them ...

Jackson isn't 'over the hill' from Wheatland

Liz Cheney still battling the 'outsider' label with voters.

You don't hear the term carpetbagger much anymore. If you're a fan of Margaret ...

Cop cams

If Wyoming mandates them, keeping the video secret would be a mistake
Wyoming is beginning to discuss the possibility of equipping all of its police ...

'Areas of smoke'

It's a weather warning unique to this time of year in Wyoming

The deadpan writing of weather forecasters often has a new bit of seasonal terminology ...


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