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Greene better candidate for Wyoming needs

In two days, Wyomingites will be heading to the polls to elect their government officials for office. The most concerning factor that will be ...

Many safeguards in place to ensure voting is fair, accurate

With all of the news recently of hacking and rigging elections, I want to stress to the voters of this county why I believe we will not be affected on ...

Lee 'believes in the concerns of ordinary people'

I do not believe, as some have accused, that state senator Eli Bebout has pocketed $50 million personally from contracts he has received for his ...

Bebout's experience important to voters

Fremont County and Wyoming are facing tough times. As residents of Fremont County, we believe Eli Bebout is the best choice to continue to be our ...

Support renewal of 'Fix Our Roads' tax with a 'yes' vote

Election time will soon be here. Please support renewal of the optional 1 percent sales tax.
Our basic streets, curbs, gutters and sidewalks in ...

Bebout on the 'right side' for Wyoming's citizens

Although I have never been known for my writing skills, I feel the need to express my support for Eli Bebout for re-election to the Wyoming Senate. As ...

Voters, support conservation district and the optional sales tax

On the general election ballot on Nov. 8, there will be two propositions I encourage you to vote for. One is the renewal of the optional 1 percent ...

Campaign mailers from WHAA are 'underhanded and unethical'

A group known as the Wyoming Hunters & Anglers Alliance (WHAA) has been recently sending out campaign mailers on the behalf of several local Democrats ...

October surprises

I'd like to endorse Chesie Lee for Wyoming Senate District 26.
I've known Ms. Lee for several years, and I can attest to her sincerity when it comes ...

County write-in bid is 'a farce'

I was shocked to receive a postcard in the mail from Kristin Paulsen to write her name on the November ballot. Ms. Paulsen apparently has little ...

Trump will protect gun rights

We are nearing a critical election for the United States. We have been informed that the first and second amendments are due for a change. How can a ...

Voted for Lummis, but will vote for Greene this time

I voted for Cynthia Lummis for the Wyoming Congress seat, and Barbara Cubin and Craig Thomas before that. It was just automatic.
But this year I am ...

Re-elect Bebout

I am dismayed, even disgusted, at the current acrimony of national pre-election politics. Fortunately, closer to home, we citizens have the ...

Bebout plan for public land could restrict opportunities

As a member of the Select Federal Natural Resource Management Committee, State Sen. Eli Bebout of Riverton has crafted a plan that would lead to the ...

'Yes' vote on conservation district proposition will allow vital programs to continue

There will be a ballot proposition on the general election ballot concerning the Lower Wind River Conservation District to provide operating funds. I ...

Let customers decide at cash register to pay added tax or not

If this could be done, I think the best way would handle the 1 percent sales tax for improving streets would be to ask people if they are willing to ...

Go ahead and conduct the full review of ambulance compliance

I believe the Fremont County government should go ahead and evaluate how well the new ambulance service company is doing on its contractual ...

Maybe an independent this year

Great job, Randy Tucker, on your commentary in last Sunday's Ranger concerning those two hustlers that we, the public, are stuck with in this year's ...

Liz Cheney ought to debate more

Liz Cheney has reneged on her agreement to appear with Ryan Greene in five public debates. This chicken-hearted cop-out can be translated as: my ...

Women voters have reasons not to support Donald Trump

I know in Wyoming it makes no difference because we are a "red" state, but I hope Trump does not get a huge vote percentage here. It would be a good ...


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