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Changing tax structures via the ballot isn't an easy task

This letter is intended to add clarification to the ongoing discussion about the current use of the 1 percent optional sales tax and the possibly of ...

Raising tax on beer from 2 cents to 5 makes moral and fiscal sense

In the poem by John Greenleaf Whittier, "Maud Miller" (1856), there is a line that goes, "For all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are ...

Good to have the summer band back in city park

I am writing to say "thank you" to the powers that be who decided to move the summer band concerts back to Riverton City Park this year. The try-out ...

Treasurer 'hijacks' government

I do not like the way the county treasurer is trying to hijack the government with closing the Riverton office, which means the clerk's office has to ...

State has billions in trust, but it can't be spent the way simple cash can be

June 30 was the end of the fiscal year for the State of Wyoming. Unhappily, loans the state gave herself which were supposed to be paid off won't be. ...

New health bill bad news for many in state

As members of the Congress return to session this week, AARP Wyoming is calling on U.S. Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrasso to vote no on the Senate's ...

Cooperation, extra effort solved RVID canal problem after flood

At 7 a.m. Thursday, June 29, Riverton Valley Irrigation District opened the canal head gates on the Wind River for the first time since flooding ...

Electoral college protects interests of smaller states

My opinion: We have a huge federal financial debt, and Wyoming is experiencing a shortfall because of cowardly people elected to office, state and ...

Tribal land is important for both energy production and education

After reading the articles on the land North of the Wind River being rich in natural resources: The Shoshone and Arapaho tribes own oil and gas fields ...

Private corrections company in state prisons 'has failed'

I seem to be confused. Did the Wyoming Department of Corrections just give another $5 million to Corrections Corporation of America, for a total of ...

Letter shed important light on problems with repealing ACA

Recently, Dr. Roger Gose wrote a letter that was published in The Ranger. In his letter, Dr. Gose bravely pointed out the deficiencies surrounding the ...

Eclipse does not need clear skies to be noticed

The famous eclipse of the sun is coming up in just a little more than a month, and I have talked to people who worry that it will be cloudy here, even ...

It might be time to reconsider political parties, electoral college

First, after listening to so much rhetoric about the Electoral College after the 2016 presidential election, I decided to research the history of the ...

As presented, youth dance program lasted too long

I attended to youth dance recital on June 9 and was astounded by the length of the program, especially taking into consideration that there are 3- and ...

Wind has impacts, too

In your annual edition on Wyoming energy (June 14), I found the story on the huge Chokecherry wind farm very interesting. People talk about the ...

Farm to Plate effort welcomes volunteers

There are many ways to contribute to the mission ofWind River Farm to Plate. One of those is through helping us fulfill our commitment to volunteer ...

'Hang on to your hat' on more budget cutting

Well, I see the county is now cutting anther $70,000 from the libraries, which already are running on a shoestring. We've already made the ambulance ...

Citizens need answers on proposed health care plan

To our U.S. Senators Enzi and Barasso, as your constituent, I have several questions about the new health care plan the Senate spent so long ...

County jail inmates could help with flood cleanup

With all the flooding and trees down on the road way out, why doesn't the city and county call on a crew from the county jail?
I've done work as an ...

Senators, work to improve health care under new law

The League of Women Voters of Wyoming is urging U.S. Sens. Michael Enzi and John Barrasso to use their roles on the U.S. Senate's working group on ...


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