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In appealing the reservation border case, the tribes have hired a top-dollar legal team

In their continuing effort to find a federal court that will ...

Tuesday notes

A cool parade
The dominant weather characteristic of the Fremont County Fair through the years can be summed up in one word: hot. No surprise there. ...

Continuity, connections

Our county fair relies on those things more than big budgets and showy entertainment

The Fremont County Fair was not spared the budget pressures that ...

Simple images of America

q They don't have much to do with new-car smells and cable-TV talking heads.

"Blazing Saddles" came out 43 years ago this summer. I watched it for the first ...

I should have stayed off the sauce

Hot peppers and I have a hate-love relationship.
No, not quite a love-hate relationship, with both parties alternatively disliking and liking each other ...

Job Corps closed campus

The decision is region-wide and may well have nothing to do with our center at all

Wind River Job Corps recently has instituted a "closed campus" ...

Lessons in courage -- from a tree

I've reached a truce with a menacing ash in my yard.

The tree in front of my home is a villain.
I know it to be so because I have often lamented ...

One down, one to go

Riverton has its police chief but still seeks a permanent city administrator

The City of Riverton made a sensible decision in moving to resolve one ...

Enter the fair parade

There's still time, and you can be part of our all-county showcase

With the Fremont County Fair Parade just three days off, you might assume it's too ...

Tuesday notes

Hazy days
What's all the haze in the Wind River Basin? It's mid-summer, so it must be from a wildfire.
We don't have any of those burning in our ...

A lesson from a gasping catfish

Most of us are just a few poor decisions away from real trouble.

There was a surprise early one morning by a section of gated pipe just below our ...

Good riddance

The PAWS test is going away, and it won't be missed
This month the results of the annual PAWS standardized test in Wyoming's schools are being ...

A grimy home away from home

Every lease my landlord offers has a one-week gap in the middle, during which I'm not allowed to live in my own apartment. My housing in Iowa is usually ...

Paid obituaries

Starting next month, they will become our standard procedure
Throughout our newspaper history, we have considered the death of a Fremont County ...

An opportunity

Current methods of fixing Obamacare are failing, so why not try something different?

From every indication, it appears that the effort in Congress ...

Marriage and a three-car garage

We survived the rare 75th wedding anniversary last weekend.
What must be explained for readers who may not have shared the experience, is the ...

Big plans

Huge natural gas projects in the works predict Wyoming's energy economy will rebound

Two big energy development plans, one in Fremont County and one ...

Tuesday notes

Our all-summer month
Yes, it's hot - the hottest extended weather period of the year.
But no complaining allowed.
We modern Americans are noted for ...

Self reliance

Cuts to tax-supported services may require a redefinition of the term in Wyoming

If there is a true tax-and-spend elected official in Fremont County, ...

Going to war with cheat grass

No matter what you do, there's a good chance it will just grow back -- thicker.

The match hit the ground, and within seconds the fire erupted high ...


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