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What a tangled web they wove

My $10 Halloween lights are a snarl to behold

I've always enjoyed holiday decorations, and, among them, nothing delights me more than lights. I'm the ...

High and dry

Hurricane Matthew can't harm us in Wyoming, but other natural crises can

A headline in our national news coverageon Thursdayread as follows: ...

New household heat source

We've got one, and she purrs on our laps

When the frost hit, we had to concede the inevitable: It was time to get an additional heat source - so we ...

Highest bench

The short-handed U.S. Supreme Court is now in session again

The Supreme Court of the United States convened for its new term on Monday. Of high ...

Community priorities

The fire department always is near the top

Suppose you were starting your own town and enough people joined you to ensure that it had a real chance ...

I discovered Vin Scully under the covers

The games were loud and clear at night on my tiny radio at age 10.

For my 10th birthday in 1971, my dad gave me a portable radio. It was small and ...

Tuesday notes

Rain rain
There is a nice old song about rain falling in September. "The leaves are brown came tumbling down, remember, that September in the rain." ...

Must be a bow-legged hen somewhere

She doesn't know it, but she is providing a welcome bit of egg diversity to my flock.

She's in the group somewhere. We have a flock of 17 Rhode ...

Much better now

Air service problems have been addressed; now it's time to rebuild the market

The summer air travel period in Fremont County was poor, statistically ...

Autumn's touch brings a thrill

There are downsides to the end of summer, but I see autumn as a time for optimism.

At least in my area, autumn has come on strong even in the few ...

Still champions

For four years, our RHS golfers met every challenge and expectation

Four years ago this week, after the majority freshman Riverton High School boys ...

Splashing toward success

Riverton water feature organizers demonstrating how to get things done

In addition to succeeding in getting its own facility built through a creative ...

Maybe bad days serve a purpose

They can make us recognize the 'ordinary' good things

"We're all so busy chasing the extraordinary that we forget to stop and be grateful for the ...

The size of Rhode Island

'Square miles' has replaced 'acres' in how the size of wildfires is reported

Our wildfire season in western Wyoming was a long one. In fact, land ...

Tuesday notes

Soggy equinox
Fall certainly got off to a wet start in Fremont County- the wettest three-day start ever, in fact. We're fortunate it wasn't 10 degrees ...

Forever in court?

Wyoming might never find a lasting answer on gray wolves
Twenty years ago, when gray wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park, did Wyoming ...

Unintended consequences

Seemingly isolated events can combine to form perfect storms.

The exact origin of the term "perfect storm" is unknown, but the first recorded use of ...

Recycling in decline

When it came to the elements we could control, we blew it

This week, Riverton got the announcement its recycling supporters hoped would not come. ...

Gunther and his (her) egg

We had the little feathered friend all wrong

It's official. Birds are fantastic.
Across all the bird genres--waterfowl, raptors, songbirds, ...

State treasurer suggests change to Hathaway investments

The yellow leaf 1967 words still a good welcome to the season
Fall has arrived. As of today the ours after sunset are longer than the hours before it. It ...


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