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Trump's next act

The transition from cheering arenasto observable competence is the challenge

At some point, Donald Trump is going to have to start acting like, and ...

Speed limit 70

We motorists love it, but it requires new levels of individual responsibility

Heading out of town in any direction this spring provides a startling ...

The right kind of healing

What I've learned through decades with doctors

When I read of a neighboring columnist's "prophylactic hysterectomy," I thought, "Hers may well be ...

Freezing to death

This should have disappeared from civilized communities long ago

A half-dozen times in recent months, our newspaper has carried a headline and ...

Abuse of recycling bins by some is discouraging to proper users

I believe in recycling, but it is discouraging to me to go to the recycling bins and spend time separating out my glass and plastic for the right bin, ...

Tuesday notes

It seems like just a week ago that this space contained written wisecracks about the disappearance of the sun, grays days and unusually wet ...

Bad example

Wyoming's first U.S. House debate had too many echoes of national attention-grabbers

The official filing period for Wyoming's 2016 primary election ...

It's self-service time in politics

The glaring lack of historical reference points in the average American mind makes the world of politics a much easier place to buy and sell.

"You ...

Lift weights the writing student's way

Sadly, each of these bone-headed things I have really done

I've recently begun attempting to lift weights in a big University of Iowa campus gym. ...

Land buyers

The Shoshone Tribe bought the Honor Farm land, andit faces the same development risks as anyone else

From the start, plans to sell 300-plus acres ...

Timekeepers of the heart

Season can be measured by adventures, not dates
Sunday marked a grand occasion on the calendar of kiddom. It was the first evening of the year to ...

One whiff

Riverton's crabapple trees are aging, so plant a new ones

Standing open on a prominent place in our newsroom is a volume of old newspapers from 1963. ...

Outbreak and aftermath

The pine beetles are retreating, but they leave a forest of problems behind

Like the advancement of an incurable disease, the spread of pine beetles ...

The Wolverine at Marion Lake

I got an unforgettable double viewing in '59

Two versions of the story circulated in Grand Teton National Park headquarters.
Those who knew me ...

Slow-mo cheese and bouncing steak

Food commercials don't make me hungry, they make me irritated

We didn't eat out much when I was a kid. There was a hamburger stand in Blytheville, ...

Some brighter spots

Amid our energy industry, slump there are other economic elements to sustain us

Understandably, there is some grumbling going on in Fremont County. ...

Me and my trusty Fitbit

It's the very best tech friend I've ever had

If you're looking to work out more often, become healthier, or even find more motivation to do active ...

School expulsion

School District 25's 'stipulated agreement' program is an appreciated alternative

Expelling a student from school rarely satisfies anyone.
There are ...

Topping himself

Trump tries it at least weekly with a new campaign remark

One of the great entertainments of the 2016 presidential campaign is watching Donald ...

'Support staff' means a lot

In many places, that's where most of the work happens

Call them what you will. But I'm here to define the position as you may have never seen it ...


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