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Great and full for fall's start

Sometimes, life's necessities require a fillet knife

It's harvest time, so there is a swirl of mild weather, garden's bounty, and milling friends to ...

Job Corps numbers

They are perfectly adequate, and they are likely to grow as economy improves

Let's not get too hung up on numbers at Wind River Job Corps.
A little ...

Tuesday notes

Summer's curtain
We're in the last few days of summer, and the season still carries many of its defining characteristics as the finish line nears. ...

These are our best

The Student of the Week program resumes today

Every so often we make a point of reintroducing readers to our annual Student of the Week program. On ...

History's right and wrong sides

At the time things are happening, it's not always easy to see which is going to be which.

The wrong side of history. In modern parlance it often is ...

Age and presidents

Our current candidates comprise the oldest combined ticket ever

One national television commentator drew a smile recently when he said the period ...

Heights and I don't get along

The reasons have piled up since my childhood

Have you ever had your home's roof replaced?
It happens to a tune like no other.
Our current week ...

Cutbacks and bouncebacks

Lodging tax revenue for sharing is down, but not because of tourism

When the subject is Fremont County's lodging tax we think most often of the ...

Defining productivity

Internet access at work probably is changing what the term means

New analysis of a specifically defined statistic called"worker productivity" notes ...

Too much handsome, too much devil

My uncle Garth Crowe's life came to a violent end

I was only 4 or 5 years old at the time. But whenever the name Garth was mentioned I was aware of ...

Tuesday notes

'Average' weather
It's late in the summer now, but our cold, gray, damp daysMondayandTuesday still are unusual, checking in at about 20 degrees ...

This 'trickster' can't be counted out

Love it or hate it, the coyote is one of out continent's great survivors.

Biologists, animal rights activists and concerned people all worry about ...

The power to shock

Even 15 years later, the 9/11 attacks still have exactly that

The greatest success - and that word is used here in its most terrible context - of the ...

Forget Labor Day white clothes rule

I'll wear my around-the-house lounging PJs in any color I like

I'm not exactly a fashionable guy.
Even at work, button-down shirt and messy hair ...

Helping coal miners

Alliances are not clear cut as talks about propping up coal pensions continue

The coal industry in America is hurting. Everyone who pays attention to ...

One boy to school, three to go

Please have mercy on us first-time Kindermoms

The school year has started, and that's OK.
Sending a kid to first grade isn't quite the ...


Remember, all this uproarprobably is exactly what he wants

Colin Kaepernick became famous a few years ago for playing football. He's not so good at ...

Ethics inquiry

In our 'citizen legislature,' everyone has a personal interest in something that comes up

In recent weeks an ethics inquiry involving longtime ...

Lander hospital fully operational again

Flood repairs complete; new MRI center now open in Riverton

Boththe medical/surgical and intensive care units at SageWest Lander have reopened ...

Tuesday notes

Your daily newspaper staff says thanks for the day offon Monday, in observance of Labor Day. No scheduled publications were interrupted, but ...


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