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Mild weather means great star gazing

Take advantage of the show on tap for this month

We're had especially warm nights this fall so far--relatively, anyway--and that means it's possible ...


The year's final month has much to offer -- if we are willing to bring out our best

December arrived grayly in Fremont County this year. The year's ...

Tip of the iceberg

First look at federal student loans reveals a lot

Give Wyoming Sen.Mike Enzi this: he's not averse to opening up a can of worms.
The most recent ...

An inflatable snowman to keep me humble

Without it, domestic pride could overshadow Christmas

I would say that the Christmas season is "upon us," but that phrase sounds more ominous than ...

It's pouring

State legislators need to use the rainy-day fund

Newly-named Central Wyoming College president Brad Tyndall has it right.
The state of Wyoming ...

Heart attack on a Monday morning

Only the cat heard what I thought might have been my last words.

Three weeks ago yesterday, sitting doubled over in a chair in my closet getting ...

Tuesday notes

Eleventh month
November, the penultimate month of our year, has one more day to offer. After today, there are just 32 days left in 2016. It's not ...

Mule deer

Mountain lions aren't their only threat

Wyoming doesn't need a law that would legalize the use of traps and snares to capture mountain lions.
Some ...

Maybe Trump's win wasn't so surprising

Almost three weeks have elapsed since the talking heads on the networks were forced to complete a 180-degree turn. All the polls, pundits and policy
experts ...


The lower number doesn't make the future any more certain

Why doesn't it feel better to know that the Fremont County unemployment level continues to ...

Freeze, heat, repeat

I'm trying to stop food waste this season, even if it means eating more pie

At this moment, I am unashamedly eating leftover Thanksgiving pie ...

Just the words

Here's a presidential Thanksgiving proclamation from years past, one of the best of its type

Part of the national tradition of Thanksgiving Day in ...

Luck, genes, self-discipline

In this Thanksgiving week, I'm thankful for all three

Publication day for this column comes on Thanksgiving this year. Because that is a holiday, the ...

Tuesday notes

Holiday housekeeping
First up, this publication schedule note from your friends at the daily newspaper. The Ranger will not publish thisThursday, Nov. ...

Times always change and markets always evolve

The peak population of horses and mules in the United States came in 1915 with 21 million in the 48 states that comprised the nation at the time.
Soon that ...

Trump and Wyoming

The President-elect may help boost the state's economy

Yes, there is a chance that Donald Trumps' election as President will help the Wyoming ...

President Tyndall

Removing the 'interim' label from the CWC president's title was an easy, positive decision

It wasn't exactly the most electrifying announcement in ...

There is nothing like a good night's sleep

A few days without proper rest can quickly take their toll

It is miraculous the effects that having a good night's sleep will cause for your body. ...

Election politics infiltrates even first-grade recess

Four weeks ago, I wrote that I'd be staying out of presidential politics for the 2016 election. And let it be known, I managed well, along with my four sons ...

Bison are back

Any grumbling about it should be politely pinched off

Bison have returned to the plains of Fremont County.
The 10 bison released on the Wind River ...


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