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Don't ask why, but cats like me

OK, I guess I like them pretty well, too

I'm a cat person. From a young age, my odd smell and opposable thumbs have drawn cats to me like I was some ...

Staying balanced in hard times

A lesson could be forthcoming for all of us
Do the subjects of money and politics sound "boring-boring" to you?
I don't pretend or wish to be a ...

Treacherous canyon

The Wind River Canyon highway is a good candidate for a variable speed limit sign

A treacherous period for winter driving in Wind River Canyon hit a ...

Not since the 1990s

Plummeting gasoline prices could have opposite effects on consumers, oil producers
A Ranger staff member traveling east paid $1.61 for gasoline on ...

Tuesday notes

Avenue of Flags
Martin Luther King Jr. Day was a work day for the newspaper staff, and we have coverage in words a pictures from local ceremonies in ...

Butch Cassidy, Rockefeller and me

I recently came across photos of the burned buildings in downtown Dubois following the big fire late in 2014.
Sixty-five years ago, the parking spaces in ...

Wyoming's top news

There's no coordinated vote anymore, so here is one newspaper's opinion

A lot of top-10 lists have been shared in recent days, but no top 10 news ...

The 'war on drugs' still exists

I've always thought the approach was a little misguided, though.

Contrary to the rumor, yes, there is still a "war on drugs." In the current age of ...

The C word

U.S. stock markets are taking a most 'corrective' thrashing so far in '16

If your New Year's resolution was to invest money in the stock market, ...

Losing Speed

He never failed to answer the call

One sure sign of a life well lived is an immediate and widespread outpouring of concern, respect, and affection ...

I almost felt like Darth Vader

(Without the telekinetic choke-out urges, of course)

The Star Wars saga has struck back. And while the Jedis' return may give the Star Wars franchise and ...

Four questions

The president poses them -- not for now, but for when he's gone

When the White House made it known over the past couple days that President Obama's ...

Tuesday notes

Spray coating
For at least the second winter in a row, many of us in the Wind River Basin are being treated to the condition known as hoarfrost, when ...

I'm not averse to the 'Wyoming card'

It can come in handy when you're traveling out of state.

Too often we think of the place we live as wanting in comparison with other regions of ...

Ambulance changeover

Privatization is a drastic step, but our elected leaders aren't considering it simply on a whim

Fremont County residents are used to calling 911 when ...

What North Korea wants

That remains unclear, but testing A-bombs is not way to go about it

It is never good news globally when a nation that most countries don't like ...

It all started with a moose

A new year of Ranger columns lies ahead

Strangely, it all began nearly 30 years ago when a moose ran through our yard at Pheasant Crest Farm early ...

Big and small

Beyond our individual life details, 2016 bring some potential unifiers

The calendar has changed to 2016. By now most people seem to have settled on ...

Tuesday notes

Your daily newspaper staff appreciated the day off on Friday, Jan. 1, New Year's Day. We don;'t expect to interrupt our regular publication ...

A new year

What news will grip our attention and affect our lives in 2016?

Here is our first edition on 2016, accompanied by thoughts of what will make news in ...


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