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Cop cams

If Wyoming mandates them, keeping the video secret would be a mistake
Wyoming is beginning to discuss the possibility of equipping all of its police ...

'Areas of smoke'

It's a weather warning unique to this time of year in Wyoming

The deadpan writing of weather forecasters often has a new bit of seasonal terminology ...

Keys, wedges and crowbars

An education in breaking into my own car

I locked my keys in my car last week. First time I've ever done it. I had a spare key, theoretically, but ...

Believe in the clout of words

From them come our questions and, perhaps, answers

I sometimes hear teasing comments on this column like, "She'll get you if you misspell or ...

Generals in politics

Both parties used them at the nominating conventions, but the issue is confusing

The appearance of two four-star generals at the major political ...

Tuesday notes

True summer
Our calendar has only two months of the year that are entirely summer. We've just entered the second one. It's August, the month of the ...

All in a day's, and finger's, work

Nothing beats fixing things on the farm, for better or worse.

It's perhaps my favorite scene from my favorite baseball movie, "The Natural." New ...

Wanted: GOP star power

The conventions painted a stark contrast, not just politically, but in performance value

For followers of national politics who are in the American ...

Still in play

The new U.S. House poll is encouraging to Liz Cheney, but the deal isn't done

Overriding the number-crunching being done on the new pollof the ...

How goes the New Year's resolution?

Pick it up again now, with a day-at-a-time approach

Many of us set New Year's resolutions at the beginning of 2016. Here at the end of July, those ...

'Sir Tree, may I climb you?'

Our summer is infused with the happily unreal

Our household has been overtaken by the fantastical.
That is to say, the children and I stand more ...

West Nile information

Public health agencies are being forthcoming, which is welcome

Fremont County government has been providing good, useful and voluminous information ...

Enter the parade

The Fremont County Fair Parade is intended to showcase our summer best

"I love a parade!" begins the exuberant 1932 show tune of the same name, ...

Tuesday notes

Mother Nature's warmth
Weather forecasters who predicted 2016's hottest stretch of weather in the Wind River Basin last week had it right. We saw ...

Higher state park fees better than cutbacks in public access

Referring to the news of how state park entrance fees might be raised, I would be all for it.
People around here have no idea what a great deal they ...

Shortcuts? Don't count on them

Preparation and diligence in life pay off every time.

People like a shortcut, a method of reducing time, labor or cost and often, all three.But ...

Full circle on recycling

After all the angst, the program will continue largely as before

Fremont County has followed a long and winding road in attempting to economize and ...

Summer of Trump

He's not going to change the formula that has him on the brink of the presidency

As he accepted the Republican presidential ...

All-star time

From your cheers to your dollars, lend a hand to the kids representing us

The Little League and Babe Ruth baseball regular seasons are over, and now ...

Opening unseen doors

Good things don't always happen by themselves

What a weekend our world just experienced! Beautiful balloons adorned blue morning skies. Nighttime ...


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