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Tuesday notes

Holiday housekeeping
First up, this publication schedule note from your friends at the daily newspaper. The Ranger will not publish thisThursday, Nov. ...

Times always change and markets always evolve

The peak population of horses and mules in the United States came in 1915 with 21 million in the 48 states that comprised the nation at the time.
Soon that ...

Trump and Wyoming

The President-elect may help boost the state's economy

Yes, there is a chance that Donald Trumps' election as President will help the Wyoming ...

President Tyndall

Removing the 'interim' label from the CWC president's title was an easy, positive decision

It wasn't exactly the most electrifying announcement in ...

There is nothing like a good night's sleep

A few days without proper rest can quickly take their toll

It is miraculous the effects that having a good night's sleep will cause for your body. ...

Election politics infiltrates even first-grade recess

Four weeks ago, I wrote that I'd be staying out of presidential politics for the 2016 election. And let it be known, I managed well, along with my four sons ...

Bison are back

Any grumbling about it should be politely pinched off

Bison have returned to the plains of Fremont County.
The 10 bison released on the Wind River ...

Super moon

The phenomenon reminds us to appreciate beauty in the natural world

Did you look outside the last couple of nights?
What a sight to behold.
The ...

'Never again'

Our local hospital needs to adopt this mantra

The troubling reports about dirty surgical tools being discovered at SageWest Health Care in Lander ...

At 60, a few reflections on the meaning of time

q The overriding question is, "How did this happen?"

The summer of 1970 marked my first foray into the world of business.
I strapped my dad's push ...

Expanded mission

At some point, widening the scope of the optional 1 percent sales tax ought to be considered
Fremont County voters did themselves a great serviceon ...

Picking a president

An arcane relic of early America has countermanded the majority of voters again

Today, on the final day of election week for our newspaper, we ...

Enjoying holiday decorations is all about the work-to-benefit ratio

This time last year, I wrote a column about putting up my Christmas tree a full month before December even began.
I defended the practice as a reasonable one ...

Post-election notes

Third term party switch
As unexpected as Tuesday night's election results were, to some, a lot of it was rather traditional.
At the top of the ballot, ...

A thirty-year adventure in art

It all began with this newspaper column

Thirty years?
Yes, today's publication of this column marks its 30th year of existence. The first column, ...

President Trump

Bizarre history has been made, and the time to start getting used to it is right now

Today we Americans bear witness to the remarkable. We are ...

Tuesday notes

Fair-weather voting
Every election year, one of the concerns is if bad weather might prevent good voter turnout. When the weather is poor - and this ...

Who will win today? Some ballot predictions

The second Tuesday in November has arrived, and along with it another chance to predict election results.
Before we begin, the standard Election Day ...

Who serves whom in public office?

It's easy to be altruistic when there's some money attached.

Altruism is a word we don't hear much anymore. If a person is altruistic, that person ...

The ballot is ready

Readers of the Today in History column will note that this is the date, in 1860, when Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States.
Pretty ...


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