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Unbeaten RHS team a fine group of players, young men

Too many times we are assaulted by the news and how bad people can be. I just want to say we have a group of young men that are simply amazing. You ...

If unknown caller asks 'Can you hear me?' just hang up

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about an old scam with a new twist. The "Can You Hear Me?" scam has long been used to coerce ...

Local leaders are more important to us than Trump

I agree with the editorial which said Wyoming would be foolish to count on President Donald Trump to wave some magic wand and solve the financial ...

What has tribal liaison program ever really accomplished in state?

In this financial crisis for Wyoming, I would favor deleting funding for the Wyoming Tribal Liaisons altogether.
The Legislature has cut half of it ...

Time to repeal BLM's venting and flaring rule

I have joined U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., in introducing a resolution of disapproval to overturn the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) final rule on ...

It's time for Shoshoni to take pride in its appearance

It's a new year. Let us start with a new idea. Let us make Shoshoni beautiful (again).
How do we do it? We can all help. It's called curb appeal. ...

Good library management must be a top priority for the county

It has been reported that the county still has not found a director for the library system. The Riverton library has a director vacancy also.
I ...

Snow removal demonstrates lack of concern from city

The city can push the snow against our vehicles so we can't get to work. But the city can push it it in the middle of the street.
The city does not ...

Equality State shouldn't allow for discrimination

Wyoming entered the United States as The Equality State 127 years ago, having been the first territory to recognize women's right to vote.
That, ...

Snow left in huge pile in front of rental property

I have lived in Riverton my entire life, and I've never seen such poor snow removal. My property is at the east end of Riverview Road, next to the old ...

Snowplow crews are 'doing the best they can'

I thought the letter from Carole Anderson criticizing the editorial on snow removal was hilarious. Pretty much every word she wrote confirmed exactly ...

State ought to embrace renewable energy, not legislate against it

State Rep. Dave Miller has co-sponsored a bill to the Wyoming Legislature that would fine utilities for purchasing electricity that was produced using ...

Tripling of fees not business- friendly in state

On Jan. 27, Wyoming Rep. Jerry Obermueller of Casper submitted House Bill 267 to the Wyoming Legislature seeking to increase the minimum annual reporting fees ...

Support recovery groups by increasing tax on beer

Well here it is another new year, our legislature is in session trying to deal with an economy that is having a tough time, much through the efforts ...

Thank you to those who helped stranded motorists

First, a big thank-you to all who stopped and helped those of us who got stuck on our streets due to the recent snowstorm. I can't tell you how ...

City 'should stay away' from tribe offer on city trash

The City of Riverton should stay away from the Arapaho Tribe's offer to take over garbage handling. This would cause nothing but problems, in my ...

Rep. Winters should explain his understanding of the separation of church, state

I believe the people of Big Horn, Hot Springs, Fremont and Park counties and all the residents of Wyoming would benefit from a letter published in ...

Staggering U.S. debt shows need for a balanced budget amendment

The national debt is staggering, nearly $20 trillion. To get a sense of our collective debt: If a person's salary is $40,000 per year it would take 25 years ...

Clinton's presence at inauguration should not have been a surprise

I don't see why people seemed so surprised on TV covering the inauguration speech to see that Hillary Clinton was there. Her husband is a former ...

Residents entitled to quality services

In November, I began looking for people to come together in the Baldwin Creek Road area to get utilities at a cost and at a quality the residents in ...


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