Man pleading guilty to unusual DUI from April

Oct 10, 2017 From staff reports

Phillip Chiles is set to plead guilty to driving under the influence and interference with a peace officer stemming from an April 17 incident during which he apparently picked up two passengers on his way to Lander.

As part of his plea deal, he'll receive a two- to four-year prison sentence.

However, if he successfully completes a treatment program prior to sentencing, his sentence will be suspended, and he'll receive three years probation instead.

Chiles was arrested after the van he was driving almost hit another vehicle on Main Street in Lander.

Lander police officer Jacob Halsmer immediately activated his lights and attempted to stop the van, but Chiles did not pull over until reaching an alley off of Garfield Street.

In an affidavit, Halsmer said he approached the van and contacted four passengers - but no one in the driver's seat.

After ordering the four passengers to exit the vehicle, Halsmer found a fifth person, Chiles, lying on the floor of the van between the middle seats.

Halsmer ordered him to get out, but Chiles refused, saying he was sleeping.

After significant resistance from Chiles, Halsmer and another officer were able to physically force the suspect out of the van.

Two passengers, Alphonsine Jones and Joseph Leftbear, told police that they had been walking past the Wind River Casino when Chiles pulled over and offered them a ride to Lander.

When she got in the vehicle and Chiles started driving, however, Jones said she noticed the van was "all over the road, swerving in and outs of its lane of travel."

When they asked Chiles to let them out in Hudson, he refused and continued to Lander.